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Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 2:16 PM

Jasen James

I’m always excited about balayage and now I have another good reason. Done right, it can actually make your face look more refreshed. One of our colorists, Jasen James, calls what he does Facelift Balayage. “Sure,” you’re thinking… But let me explain how it works.

The idea is to put stronger pieces of light in the hair around areas of expression (i.e. wrinkles). Balayage, which uses a sweeping motion, seems to lift the area because the eye moves toward the light in the hair rather than focusing on those expression lines.

Balayage can be used to brighten areas near the forehead, eye area, cheek-line and jaw. The balayage application stays soft; highlights are painted thin at the roots and become wider toward the ends.

So before you go to Botox, try our Facelift Balayage. People might just ask if you’ve been on vacation!

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