Elite Daily December 21, 2020

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These 2021 Hair Trends Include Low-Maintenance Blonde, Egirl Streaks, & More


It may be impossible to believe, but 2020 is, in fact, coming to an end. And that means it's time to get your 2021 in order. Alongside resolutions, celebrating that it's not 2020 anymore, and the other things that come with new year, you're probably ready for a fresh, 2021-ready hairstyle. One of my favorite things to do on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1 is walk into the nearest salon and get a fresh chop or color to start my year off right. Say goodbye to the hair from 2020 and hello to the 2021 hair trends dominating the next year.

Of course, don't only take my word for what the it hairdos and colors of 2021 will be. Take it from the experts, who are first to know the accessories, cuts, dyes, and even more modish, different things to try out that are sure to spread like wildfire. As my roots are currently making a big appearance and I've worn the same bun for at least three days, I'm so here for any kind of change.

"With everything happening in the world and COVID-19, everyone's having a lot of time to look in the mirror," Cheeky Maa, a hairstylist at Prema New York, tells Elite Daily. "I feel a surge of people who want to experiment with their hair and feel strong, sexy, and freaky." Even though it's still going to be a long while until you'll really be able to re-enter the world, I definitely agree with Maa's observation that having some fun is the way to go. Peep the biggest 2021 hair trends below.

2021 Hair Trend: Barrettes On Barrettes

Leigh Hardges, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon, says the early 2000s look of overloading your hair with barrettes is back. She notes that an accessory as simple as a barrette makes it super easy to deal with overgrown bangs and haircuts, which have shown up in abundance since the COVID-19 quarantine began in March 2020.

2021 Hair Trend: Egirl Streaks

Dyeing the front two streaks in the front of your hair reigned supreme in 2020. It was truly the alt hair trend to do for egirls and aspiring egirls alike. But, "it’s starting to hit the mainstream," LA-based hairstylist Jill O'Neil tells Elite Daily, continuing that the trend typically involves "either blonde pieces on dark hair or a fun color on any hair." "I’ve also been doing a lot of just one chunk in the front like half the bangs and hairline on the right or left," she says. If you didn't have the guts to get in on this look while having an existential crisis in your bathroom this year, 2021 is the time to do it.

2021 Hair Trend: Low-Maintenance Hairdos

"2020 has taught us how to prolong trips to the salon," Joseph Maine, celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Trademark Beauty, says. "Blunt cuts and long layers grow out in a way that allows maximum time between seeing your stylist." As someone who nearly always gets a blunt bob, I can guarantee to you that it's the easiest hairdo of my life and seldom leaves me with a bad hair day.

2021 Hair Trend: Mullets

It's time to go all out with your shag. "Mullets are in, period," Maa says. "To take your easy-to-style layers to the next level, a mullet is a must." The style has gradually been on the rise since Miley Cyrus boldly rocked the look in the fall of 2019. The abundance of layers will ensure your hair always looks voluminous.

2021 Hair Trend: Natural Hair Colors

Obviously, if you want to stay out of the hair salon, you'll have to let your natural hair out. This means potentially embracing your roots or even trying out a low-maintenance blonde. Generally, more relaxed shades like dirty blondes and chestnut browns are going to take the place of peroxide white and balayage brunettes, according to O'Neil.

2021 Hair Trend: Pops Of Bright Colors

For those who like to keep things on the unnatural side of the hair color spectrum, don't fear. There are still a ton of options for you, though maybe not in the way you'd expect. "It's not necessarily about the color itself, but rather the placement," Maa says. "Pops of color at random, in the fringe, face-frames, even the sideburns. This trend is growing, and I expect, in 2021, we will see tons of new and interesting placements for color."

2021 Hair Trend: Loose Waves

As for how to style your hair, Maine says tight, perfect curls are out and loose, natural waves are the way to go. He recommends waving irons, like Trademark Beauty's Babe Waves ($56, Trademark Beauty), to get the gentle, effortless look.