Chicago September 2001

Maxine Salon Amazing Makeovers Featured in Chicago Magazine September 2001Chicago Magazine

Saturday, September 01, 2001

Amazing Makeovers

Men may have it easier than women, since daily shaving provides frequent exfoliation; but skin then needs conditioning and protection. Molly Gray from Maxine explains "Men's problems deal more with the conditions brought on by shaving; razor burn and ingrown hairs. Women are more concerned with the signs of aging and want to diminish lines and wrinkles. Of course, both men and women need to worry about sun damage."

After examining and cleansing the skin of the Biddle La Fleurs, Gray applied a mask of papaya enzymes to soften and exfoliate skin, and did some extractions-manual removal of blackheads after a gentle steam. For Jennifer, the extractions were "a flashback to what she went through with acne as a kid." After the treatmens, Jennifer and ryan noted an immediate improvement in the look and feel of their skin and loved the texture provided by the moisturizer.

The estheticians had slightly different methods, but all agreed on the basics, Cleanse skin morning and night using fresh washcloth for gentl exfoliation; moisturize twice a day; and use sunscreen every day. The professionals also warned us that using the wrong products can actually block pores. They recommended getting expert advice.

Jennifer Biddle La Fleur
Haircut: Becca Cotter
Haircolor: Tina Fore
Ryan Biddle La Fleur
Haircut: Amy Abramite
Haircolor: Robert Bennet