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Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Code Blue


TV reporter Jason Knowles ditches dark suits in favor of a Technicolor wardrobe.

As a reporter for ABC 7 News, Jason Knowles has a strict dress code. "The traditional attire is a dark suit, a light shirt and a tie that pops but isn't too crazy, " says Knowles. "You want to stay relevant and connected to the younger audience, but you don't want to offend older viewers." Audience demographics aside, ther's one cardinal rule in the newsroom: "Don't distract from the story."

Like many other Chicago men who must tuck their style away to conform to industry dress codes, satorial restraint is a tall order for Knowles. A dapper gent who digs color and patterns and dons Hugo Boss and Theory in his off-hours, Knowles feels he's played it too safe in his work wardrobe. "I've always liked fashion, but I'm just realizing how important it is. It's your statement to the world; it's who you are."

Looking to infuse his highly visible professional threads with a bit more personality, Knowles enlisted the help of renowned stylist Eric Himel. A staple on the Chicago fashion scene, Himel is well aware of the men's office attire gray area, where a suit and tie is too stuffy, but jeans and a tee are unacceptable.

Himel began the "man-over" at square one, giving Knowles his signature closet purge. After weeding out the fashion misfits, Himel brought Knowles to Maxine (712 N. Rush St.) for a sophisticated haircut. Then the duo hit up the Saks Fifth Avenue men's store (717 N. Michigan Ave.), where Himel selected two looks for Knowles: A classic suit and a business casual ensemble. "When you want to distinguish yourself while still being professional, it's all about the subtleties," says Himel.


712 N. Rush St.