Glamour October 2004

Maxine Salon featured in Glamour Magazine October 2004Glamour

Friday, October 1, 2004

10 signs you need a hair change

One, shake your head and your hair barely moves, "Hair that needs to be sprayed stiff or gelled solid looks unnatural," says Amy Abramite, hairstylist at Maxine salon in Chicago. "Soft is what's in-bouncy and more natural."

Six, Your hair is more of a costume than a style.  Notes Abramite, "Paris Hilton needs to get rid of that middle-parted cut and extentions. They're so bleached-blond-heavy-metal-groupie," Abramite's not exactly a fan of Jessica Simpson's hairstyle, either. "I mea, she's attractive and all, but that seventies Farrah look isn't really her, she needs something new."

Ten, A ponytail has become your best look. If you constantly have to pull back your hair just to make it look decent, you're overdue for a new cut. "It may just take a few layers or bangs to update your hair," says Abramite. "Go for it."