Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide April/May 2016

sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide

April/May 2016

Have your hair cut with confidence with these bob-inspired tips from pro stylist Dani Hauflaire of Maxine Salon in Chicago and get inspired by these gorgeous celeb styles...

Making the Cut

The bob is a fab style choice because there are so many lenths and variations. "[You can] start with a one-length silhouette and then do face-framing layers or a bang to switch up your look," says hauflaire. "The fun thing is, if you do chop it shorter, it's cute as it grows out! But, make sure you get those ends cleaned up every six to eight weeks," she adds.

Work Your Texture

"The bob can be suitable for all hair types. Someone with fine, thin hair should stick with something a little more square and blunt to have hair appear thicker, whiule someone with thick, curly hair should have weight taken out and layers [put in] so they don't end up with too much of a triangular shape," Hauflaire advises.

Straight Stylin'

"Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray cuts blowdry time, so it's really good if someone has thick hair, but it's also gentle enough for someone who has fine hair," says Hauflaire. Using a round brush, the mane maven suggests blow-drying hair in sections until its about 90-90% dry. Follow up with a light pass of a flat iron and a touch of product. "I like Dry Texturizing Spray. It has a little bit of hold, but it also is mendable and moveable," dishes the pro.

Can I Wear a Bob?

Yes, Yes!

This trendsetting snip can work with all face shapes-you just need to find the style that works best with your proportions. Here are a few fast facts...

OVAL OR HEART: Nearly all bob lengths are flattering on oval and heart-shaped faces, as are bangs. Try feathery fringe, an A-line snip or even a blunt cut.

SQUARE OR ROUND: While lots of styles look great, bobs that are chin-length or longer look best on square and round face shapes. Face-framing layers also help soften the jawline and a side part with a cheek-length bang can help elongate the face.

Beachy Waves 101

"To achieve a wavy or curly look, air-dry hair overnight, wake up and iron it. Start in the middle of the hair shaft with the curling iron, twist it up and feed your hair through, slowly unraveling it in a constant motion," tells Hauflaire. The hair pro suggests holding the curling iron in a vertical position when styling the bottom layers and in a horizontal position for the hair on top to help build body. After you're done curling, don't forget to shake it out! A quick finger-tousle and some texturizing spray will help you achieve touchable texture and enviable waves.

Grow Out

"Depending on where your length is, your hair will take a little while to grow out. Sometimes you will end up with a little flipping on the shoulders and that's kind of unavoidable unless you wear it wavy, which is really nice. As it gets a little bit longer, adding more layers will help it look longer," shares Hauflaire.