Chicago Woman March/April 2017

Chicago Woman

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Chicago winters already take a toll on our moods-but the fact that they can also wreak havoc on our hair is just overkill. Here are a few products we love to restore luster and shine to hair left brittle by sub-zero temperatures.

Stylists at Maxine Salon, recommend Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil by Kerastase: "To heal heat damaged hair and beat winter dryness, I use Elixir Ultime Bi_Phase Spray Oil by Kerastase for myself and my clients. Its healing properties provide moisture and health without sacrificing volume and it never feels too oily. I have found that this product works on multiple hair textures, enchaining natural curl by replenishing moisture. The lightnes and quick absorption allows for application even on fine-medium textures. Aside from it's healing propertie, the oil spray also plumps the roots of the hair sharft to provide ultimate volume. The refreshing scent is alos an added bonus. I recommend using this in between washes to freshen up your look!"