Pure Wow April 17, 2017

Pure Wow

6 Gorgeous Hair Trends You Need to Know This Spring

Spring is all about rebirth, right? So it’s only fitting that we’re hurrying to our hairstylist for a beauty reboot. Colorist Nicole Tabloff and a stylist of Maxine Salon filled us in on the six trends that are about to be everywhere.


Call it Ombré 2.0. Golden hues of “bronde” are gracing the strands of everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Karlie Kloss. Why? Tabloff credits the incredible versatility of the trend, which can warm up a wide spectrum of blonde and honey tones. (It also requires minimal upkeep—win!)


Beachy waves have been de rigueur for a while now, but if you long for the days of super-sleek strands, it’s time to put that straightener to use. Brudzinski says the look is in line with the current ’90s style resurgence but has been updated with solid color and all-over length. “Avoiding highlights and lots of layers gives the flat-iron style a healthy high shine,” she says. It also keeps things from looking too “piecey”—because there is such a thing as too ’90s.


Yep, the ’90s are back in more ways than one. Remember “The Rachel” everyone was requesting circa 1995? The style has returned, but (thankfully) with a subtler finish. Brudzinski recommends keeping it soft and natural by styling with a round brush (not a curling iron). “You don’t want it too uniform,” she says.


The rose hair trend of the past few seasons gets a fresh update in warmed-up shades of strawberry blonde and “blorange” (which is not as scary as it sounds). Tabloff notes that these hues are “not in the natural realm of color,” if complying with a more traditional workplace is a concern. Then again, coppery hues are pretty low commitment as they fade quickly—so attorneys and accountants of the world: Have at it.


Forget baby bangs. Long, eyelash-grazing bangs are everywhere. The look is super soft and a little bit sexy—split them down the middle to accentuate doe eyes. This is another low-commitment trend: Since the bangs are already quite long, the grow-out phase is (slightly) less painful.


Kim Kardashian may have been the one who put this look back on everyone’s radar, but celebs (hi, Ashley Graham) and runway shows alike are embracing the style. “It was all over Paris,” says Brudzinski. To do it at home, start with dirty hair, mist it down with a wave spray to the point that it looks wet, rake it back with curl gel or pomade and set with a strong hairspray.