Shape June 2009

Maxine Salon's Creative Director Amy Abramite featured in Shape Magazine June 2009Shape

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Beauty In Action

USE Colavita Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

($5 for 8oz.; at grocery stores) to:

Remove makeup

"It even erases waterproof formulas," says Amy Abramite, creative director for the Maxine Salon in Chicago.

Soothe a dry, itchy scalp

Massage a teaspoonful into itchy areas and leave on overnight, says Abramite.

Rub off rough patches

Mix it with kosher salt (which is coarser than regular table salt) to make a heavy-duty scrub.  Work it into scaly areas, like heels and elbows, then rinse.

Soften Skin

"Pour a quarter cup into a tub of warm water," suggests Abramite.  "It's the ultimate inexpensive, hydrating bath oil."