Rick, Concierge

Rick Hernandez, Receptionist, Maxine Salon Chicago

What does your job entail? Making sure clients are being taken care of, including check-in, booking and check-out.

Where did you grow up? Spain

What is the best thing about working at Maxine? The respect we all have for one another.

What is one special thing that everyone should know about Maxine Salon? We are one of the top hair salons in the country, without any of the stuffiness.

Favorite restaurant? Rosebud

Who is your style icon and why? Alexander McQueen. He was an incredible talent who thought outside of the box.

If there were a movie about your life, what would it be called? Funny Girl

What was the best decade for hair and why? The 90’s, a supermodel decade.

5.0 Stars

You know your coveted group of people who take care of you

I have been coming here for over seven years and the the colorists and stylists are part of my "money team"! You know your coveted group of people who take care of you . Rex and Evan are my go to team! But anyone I have worked with is great. Love the front desk staff too! Now if I could only find a great facialist for my money team I'd have the holy grail.

Yelp Posted on 01/21/2015 by Mike C.