Celebrity Hairstyles Short Hair June 2015

Celebrity Hairstyles Short Hair


Short Takes

Get your hair up to speed with the latest tips, tricks and trends.

Pretty Little Accents

Want to tress up your short cut? Amy Abramite, Creative Director & Stylist at Maxine Salon, Chicago, suggests these "it" accessories to give your hair some instant sizzle:

The Style: Wavy Bob

Wear: Oversized jeweled headbands

Place the headband so the bulk of the jewels are on a deep side part to draw attention above the eye.

The Style: Pixie

Wear: Printed scarves

Tie the scarf in a bow atop your head to expose smooth fringe.

The Style: Growing-out Cut

Wear: Multi-colored bobby pins

Hide long fringe and anchor the sides with colored pins using creative patterns like rows, crisscrosses, or arrows.