Nylon.com November 25, 2015


November 25th, 2015

Hair Contouring: The Weird New Color Trick you Need

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Thanks to the Kardashians, we’ve all heard of facial contouring, the makeup technique that helps you shape the face while enhancing or minimizing certain features.  After viewing countless YouTube makeup tutorials, it’s hard for us to deny the effectiveness of the technique. Always wanted severe cheekbones? Grab your contouring pen and 10 minutes later, voilà. It just works. So, when we heard about the coloring technique called hair contouring, we were intrigued. Could coloring your hair really change the shape of your face in a drastic way?

Click through for a slideshow of celebs that have used hair contouring to their advantage, with advice from Maxine Salon’s Colorist Rex Jimieson.