Shape August 2015


August 2015

Get Fit Upgrade


You need: Slick and secure hair that won't fall out during tough moves like double-unders and kettlebell swings.

The perfect style: A bunched pony, says Josie Nevarez, a stylist for the Maxine Salon in Chicago. Secure hair tightly in a high ponytail. Add a smaller elastic a few inches below the base. Slightly bunch hair in the section. continue adding elastics two inches apart and bunching hair until you reach the end.


You need: to keep strands out of your face without constant adjusting.

The perfect style: A braided headband, Nevarez says. Create a part horizontally from ear to ear to form a two-inch section of strands. Pull the rest into a ponytail. Then, create a sideways French braid. Grab a small section above one ear and divide it into three pieces. As you braid over the crown of your head add in outside strands to each piece every time you weave it. Continue until you reach the opposite ear. Secure with an elastic and tuck into the ponytail.