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Friday March 22, 2014

Go Tawny FOr Spring

Having great looking hair is no accident and the key to that look is oft times the color that we choose. But sometimes that can be tricky because it’s not always easy finding something that gives a pop of color without washing out the face or something could make you look older.
A effect to give a try to this spring is to go tawny, “this look is more on the funky side and is a mixture of matte dark brown with lighter caramel colors,” says a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.
So if you are up for a new fun look clip out these instructions and take them to your stylist because she cautions that this might be too complicated for at home trials.

Two tone
Start with a base color of matte dark brown at about a level 4 or 5. Then do a full balayage but start off with the roots—take some of the pieces almost all the way up. Now heavily highlight the pieces on the bottom giving the appearance that it’s totally solid, similar to the Ombre effect but there should be less noticeable roots. Once all complete she recommends applying a tawny color.

Au naturale
For those who may want to be more conservative look start by making the entire head of hair a lighter, medium tawny warm brown about a level 6 or 7, and also pull that through on the bottom ends of the hair, so it is a bit darker than the top section. Then take the ends from the top half section and Balayage some coppery tones off the roots. Once that process is complete apply a burnt caramel tone to most of the hair except the pieces that were lightened a few tones lighter than the rest. That will help to provide dimension.
Now go out and conquer the world!