SunTimes Splash August 4, 2014

Suntimes Splash

Monday August 4, 2014

Head Games


The look: Funky color


The stylist: Rex Jamieson

The spot: Maxine Salon, 712 N. Rush, (312) 751-1511; (color accents start at $160)

Colorist Rex Jamieson points to Katy Perry as a total game-changer — and not just when it comes to pop music. “When I was a teenager and a punk rocker, you were considered an outcast if you dyed your hair a funky color,” says Jamieson, 40, who regularly asked his mom to dye his hair pink as a teen. “Now, individuality is the norm.”

Jamieson says the Gold Coast salon — whose famous guests have included Ozzy Osbourne — is fielding more funky color requests than ever from teens and 20- and 30-somethings. “It’s hip, young people,” he explains. “They’re artsy and trendy.” The longtime stylist prefers to tint locks with jewel-tones like violets, blues, magentas and teals. “Everyone looks good in one jewel tone,” he says. “If you don’t look good in pink, you probably look good in blue.”

Though stars like Perry and Nicole Richie may rock all-over, rainbow-colored hues, be warned: This look can’t be achieved without some hair damage. Even blonde hair needs to be lightened before it’s colored. To lessen the trauma — and for a lower-key look — Jamieson recommends dyeing only select pieces of hair, or even adding colored hair extensions to your mane. Plus, pastel shades, like Richie’s lavender, fade fast and need to be refreshed every two weeks. Jamieson suggests going bolder than the color you desire to save yourself another trip to the salon.

Looking for a less expensive, at-home alternative? Jamieson loves hair chalk, colored hair spray and hair mascara. “These wash completely out of the hair and they’re all temporary,” he says. “They’re also pretty awesome.”