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Friday March 7, 2014

Beautiful Wavy Hair



Having a great hair day can be one of the best things ever (in the realm of simple dreams). For those who crave the must have look of the moment or are often cited as the trend setter in their group the melodeon wave should be your go to look.

Instead the usual spiral curl that we have all come to know and love the melodeon wave instrument is what's used here for inspiration. Amy Abramite creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago will gives us the insider tips on how to achieve this very glammed-up and grown up look at home.

First start prepping your hair by brushing it smooth with a paddle brush.Then apply hairspray to your entire head.

Next introduce some texture and volume by separating your hair into large horizontal sections and gently back comb each area with a tail comb. Making sure to go from scalp to end. Now while leaving each section intact gently pass over with a flat iron. DO NOT brush straight.

Starting a start a few inches away from the scalp, crate your first wave by folding your hair UP on top of itself, then press the fold with the flat iron such as Revlon’s laser brilliance flattening iron ($25, walmart.com) . Now secure your hair with a clip or hair pin. Bend your hair in the opposite direction by folding the hair DOWN onto itself, and press with the iron. Secure once again.

Repeat this procedure throughout the rest of your locks. When you're done it should have the appearance of an accordion.

Remove the clips and gently brush the sections together once your hair has set and is cool. For lasting hold and shine mist with hairspray and go.