June 13, 2014

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Friday June 13, 2014

Keep It Up! 5 Easy Summer Up-Dos

Want to kick your summer ponytails, buns and braids up a notch? Check out these five tips for fancy-fying a boring up-do from Cliff Freeman, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. Oh, and they’re totally do-able—no fancy skills required. Take these styles into the dance studio and out to the streets, and get ready to turn heads.

Add a little twist
You just spent a few sweaty hours in the dance studio, then you step outside and it’s even warmer. Oy. Throw your hair up in a pony, bun or braid, but add a little twist first. “Twist the hair, whether it be the fringe off the face, down the sides or even multiple strands that can be braided together. It inspires that retro, almost rockabilly-esque style,” says Freeman.

Like this: Twisted Ponytail, Twisted Bun, Rolled-Back Up-do

Put a braid on it
Hair a little dirty? No one has to know. The added texture of a braid to your pony or bun hides imperfections. “Taking a simple braided ponytail and wrapping it around itself makes a beautiful, complex-looking bun that can be formal or casual, depending on how smooth and detailed you make the braid,” says Freeman. Great for the time you forgot to shower at summer dance camp and your very impromptu date.

Like this: Simple Braided Bun, Braided Chignon

Use multiple elastics
We saw it on the runways, now we’re seeing it on the streets—and at dance practice. Elevate your pony by using multiple elastic bands to make a modern, layered ponytail. Freeman’s advice: “Take multiple elastic bands down the length of the ponytail and scrunch in between to give a bulbed effect—whether it be tousled or smooth.”

Like this: Banded Ponytail, Banded Loose-Braid Ponytail

Pump up the pomp
“To prevent a harsh, tight pulled-back look, do a cute little pomp to add volume and texture before gathering the hair to be secured,” says Freeman. Think: a big, vertical bump up front, slicked back sides and a pretty bun or braid in the back. Now just add a little red lipstick for a sweet and effortless pin-up look.

Like this: Pomp Up-do, Pomp With Braid

Cuff it
Another fun idea? Use a braid, cuff or a headband to cuff the mid-section of your ponytail. “Taking a few strands of hair from the ponytail and braiding it around, or using a fabric like a headband and wrapping it around the mid-length of the ponytail gives a fun volume both at the base and ends,” says Freeman.

Like this: Loose Cuffed Braid, Cuffed Ponytail, Braided Cuff