November 4th, 2019


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Hair Trends 2020: 6 Styles to Offer in Your Salon This Year


A huge part of running a successful salon lies in keeping up with the latest hair trends. When you know the trendiest styles out there, you’ll be in a great position to recommend and create the best looks for your clients. 

And with 2020 right around the corner, we figured it’s a great time to shed light on some of the top trends in the hair industry. 

We caught up with experts and looked at the cool things that some Genbookers are doing and compiled a handy list of hair trends to keep an eye on. 

Keep an eye out for bold layers

“We’re moving away from long bobs and one length haircuts to add more bold layers,” shares Gillian Hanson, founder of Honeycomb Salon. “It’s already started with the resurgence of the Shag. Jane Fonda was one of the pioneers of the shag haircut in the 70’s (think of the movie Klute).”

Gillian predicts that we will see more iterations of the Shag, but in “more wearable styles.”

Ryan Wenick, a stylist at Maxine Salon, echoes this and says that the Modern Shag is a trend to watch in 2020. 

“This cut has endless volume opportunity; if you’re looking for volume and edge it’s never been easier,” he says.

“I LOVE this cut for those with naturally curly hair. Simply put in your products (heat protectant, smoothing creams, mousse for hold and volume), diffuse the back and sides and then flip upside down for the top to get ample volume!”

Of course, not all clients are ready to be bold. In these cases, Gillian advises that stylists incorporate “a low-key iteration with square layers with a heavier fringe (think Natasha Lyonne or Taylor Swift).”