Yahoo Lifestyle December 20, 2019



Six Expert-Approved Ways to Revive Damaged Hair


From adequately prepping your hair for high heat to spacing out your color appointments, here's what you can do to reinvigorate stressed locks.

Some of us really put our hair through the wringer: Whether you love to color your hair or use your curling daily—or you always mean to do a mask but never do—daily damage adds up over time. To avoid having more bad hair days than good, we rounded up six tips from hair industry experts to help you return your hair back to its soft and silky state. Ahead, how to revive your damaged strands.

Don't Skip the Trim

When growing your hair out, you may think that a haircut will prevent hair growth—but the opposite is actually true. Shelly Aguirre, stylist at Maxine Salon explains that "hair grows about half an inch a month, so getting your hair trimmed every three months, helps gain length."