Women's Health October 16, 2019

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15 Best Deep Conditioners for Reviving Dry, Brittle Hair


A hairstylist explains which ingredients will bring your dull strands back to life.

There was a time when I would (gasp) use 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners. I'm proud to say I've evolved my routine since, but I still have my lazy days—particularly on mornings when I'm getting ready quickly at the gym locker room. I just suds up shampoo for two minutes and pray for the best. Obviously, that doesn't do wonders for the health of my hair. It needs way more TLC.

"Deep conditioning should be an essential part of a healthy hair regimen," says hair stylist Sandra Petrut at Chicago's Maxine Salon. "Everyone's hair suffers from inflicted damage from chemicals, hot tools, sun and free radicals, and can benefit from deep conditioning." Petrut adds that deep conditioning can be preventative and strengthening, even for those with seemingly healthy hair, so everyone can benefit from regular use.

While she suggests using regular conditioner every time you shampoo, a deep conditioner can replace it one to two times a week. "If the hair is very damaged from being styled and chemically treated, I would recommend a deep conditioner instead of regular conditioner each time you shampoo," Petrut says. This is especially true for color-treated hair. "It helps preserve the color by sealing the hair and the ends." Read on for Petrut's favorite deep conditioner picks and more top-rated winners.