Jasen James, Colorist

Jasen James, Colorist, Maxine Salon Chicago

Jasen has been a top colorist since 1991, working at Maxine for more than half his career. He is a redhead specialist, is known for creative color and balayage. He has been featured in Allure for his work with highlights, being named "Best Colorist" in Chicago. He has studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles, the L'Oreal Professionnel Color Academy in New York City and with Franco Carletto in Rome, Italy. 

What is the best part about working at Maxine? Maxine herself. 

What is one special thing everyone should know about Maxine? We’re a likeminded group. We love what we do and we’re always trying to create a great client experience.

What is your specialty? Connecting with anyone who sits in my chair. 

Who is your dream client? My dream client always leaves loving her hair and prebooks her next appointment.

What other positions have you held at Maxine? I’ve enjoyed many years as an educator for new talent joining the Maxine team. 

What do you do in your free time? I like to travel. 

Any celebrity clients? Notable past gigs? Loretta Swit

What movie character is most like you? Anyone played by Melissa McCarthy.  

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Ravishing Red Hair

Maxine Salon colorist Jasen James creates a dynamic, vibrant red on the beautiful, young Julia. Combine a gorgeous base color, coppery balayage highlights, and a big, bouncy blowout, and you have a dynamic look for spring. See photos and read about the look on our blog...



Dynamic, Dark Red Hair

According to top Chicago colorist Jasen James, many redheads think that they're limited with their color--not the case! In the video, Jasen shows ways to layer different reds to create tonality and reflection. Jasen gives Abby's short-and-chic cut a red-violet base and color-blocking in a primary red and a darker red, giving her hair depth and movement.



5.0 Stars

Cannot recommend enough!

We decided to get married last month and literally a week before the wedding I realized that I was in serious need of a hair rescue. I had been growing out my gray and in doing so, had some gray highlights. But overall my hair was looking rather ashy and lackluster. I've been going to the same salon for years, and switching colorists/salons can be scary, especially days before a wedding. But I had read such good things about Jasen and he was able to fit me in. He worked an absolute miracle on my hair. He brought my hair back to life giving it an incredibly natural look with a lot of dimension and shine. The condition of my hair hasn't looked or felt better in years. I look at our wedding photos now and am just so happy with how my hair looks, all thanks to Jasen! And my husband continues complementing it, so that's always a good sign. I am so grateful for Jasen and his talent and would highly recommend him. He is professional and deserves all the accolades, awards, and recognition he has received. He is also so kind and has such a warm energy. How you treat people matters and you can tell Jasen genuinely cares for people and about his clients happiness. In fact, everyone I've interacted with at Maxine thus far has been wonderful. Cannot recommend enough!

Yelp Posted on 10/27/2020 by Natalie B.

5.0 Stars

I've never loved my hair more

It took me a while to find the perfect fit after moving to Chicago several years ago. I finally found my way to Maxine's and they're THE best. I go to Jasen for color. He's great. Super friendly and fun to chat with. And he has some serious talent as a colorist. There are a lot of articles about him that say he's the King of red hair. Well, that's probably true, but I have blonde/brunette balayage and he's a rock star in that department as well. For spectacular cuts, Evan can not be beat. And he's the only stylist I've ever gone to who gives me some excellent new "how-to" tip every time I see him. My partner stopped in once and couldn't get over how meticulous he was. I've never loved my hair more. These two will listen to what you want, and have superb input to go with it!! They're not inexpensive (but probably competitive for Chicago) but ABSOLUTELY worth every penny! Love it!!

Yelp Posted on 9/7/2018 by Amy W.

5.0 Stars

The best thing about me? My hair.

The best thing about me? My hair. I'd give Jasen James and Amy Abramite a thousand stars from the sky if I could.

Yelp Posted on 05/28/2016 by Colleen T.

5.0 Stars

My hair color is lovely

I originally made an appointment here because I wanted to start getting my hair colored professionally, and their colorist publish articles, and I liked that they understand truly about hair and color, etc. Jasen is my colorist - has been taking care of me since earlier this year, when I got married. My hair color is lovely, he is lovely - and I get lots of compliments. Thanks!!

Yelp Posted on 12/23/2015 by Holly O.

Jasen James is a color master

Jasen James is a color master at this stark white and super-friendly Gold Coast salon.

Citysearch Posted on 12/09/2012 by Liz G.

5.0 Stars

Jasen and Cheryl are Awesome!

jasen and cheryl are awesome! Jasen is the best with reds!

Yelp Posted on 9/15/2012 by Tamara N.

5.0 Stars

I've FINALLY found a place that I love going to

I've always loved getting my hair cut and mixing it up with color, but I've had trouble finding a good spot since I've moved from California. After a couple of bad experiences I actually stopped getting my hair done in Chicago at all and would just wait to get it done during my frequent trips back to Cali. It's been seven going on eight years now, and I've FINALLY found a place (and more importantly people) that I love going to. Jasen (for color) - Jasen is wonderful. He really listens to what I want, and he's one of the first colorists that I feel like understands the "language" of non-colorists (ie if I don't use the technical term he doesn't correct me or turn me a wonky color). My issue has always been that I like changing my hair a lot, and that I'm more interested in it turning out fabulous than exactly like the magazine page I ripped out (what looks good on Jessica Alba might not look so hot on me!). I always thought that would make me a dream-client: I sit down and I want suggestions and am open to anything non-green, but I always seem to get a blank stare as a response. Jasen has given me some really fun looks while making sure that I'm comfortable and not going outside my comfort zone (ie I don't get fired!). He is always very clear about exactly what he is doing and why, so there are never any surprises. He never disappoints! Bob (for cut) - Bob is such a character (in a great way!!). He is really fun to talk to and really focuses on what looks good. I am the first to admit that I have a huge paranoia about people lopping off my hair. Bob put me completely at ease and has given me great results every time I've gone (4-5 times at the time of this review). He manages to keep my length while still mixing things up to pacify my hair ADD. He also does these head massages that are AMAZING! Chills, every time. He has a wealth of information about products and tips, and shares them freely without being pushy. The salon itself is nice and I really appreciate that a couple of days a week they have after-work hours so that I can go straight from work. All of the staff has been very friendly, and they have some yummy flavored teas worth checking out.

Yelp Posted on 03/07/2012 by Sarah S.