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Maxine Salon's John Blue and Reese Travis featured in Cheeky Chicago May 23rd, 2011Cheeky Chicago

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Hottest Hair Do's of the Season

Retro, Glam or Side Swept

by Jenna Zaffino

Recently, one of my coworkers crept up to me and said in a low voice, “Jenna, I love the nest, but I think you can do more with your hair for spring…” Immediately after discerning what she meant by “the nest” – which I prefer to call the “power/speed/Pilates/yoga bun” – I recognized that perhaps there were more options that I had not yet considered… Enter a top stylist at Maxine Salon, who is here to push us out of “the nest” and into high fashion for spring/summer!

The Twist:

Whether a French (the twist ends at the top of the head), Italian (the twist ends at the nape of the head), or simply a twist that wraps around the head, this look can be worn classically or it can take on a modern feel by adding a little texture to the hair.

(Writer’s note: Twists tend to exude a complexity that only the most professional, artistic, mysterious Cheeky chicks can pull off, even at a moment’s notice.)

The Side-Swept Retro Wave:

She loves this look for the spring/summer season. Side-sweeps swept the red carpet during awards season and are a stunning finish to a retro or structured dress. Going millennial? Try a loose, beach wave for a more modern look like our friend, Jessica Alba.

(Writer’s note: A side pony is a power pony! It screams “I’m so balanced, I can wear my hair to one side and still be fabulous!”)

The Messy, Textured Bun (We Like to Call It the “High-Fashion Nest!”)

There is truly no wrong in making this look right! It can be a little messy or a lot messy. Either way, the resulting product is glam and gala worthy.

(Writer’s note: Perhaps the most “nest-worthy” of the group, this look is perfect for the gal who wants to look like a total glamazon without looking like she put any effort into her red carpet style!)

The Tight Knot/Tight Loop:

Both beautiful, classic looks, this trend ups its game this season by showcasing a center-part for chic-ness!

(Writer’s note: Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on!” As a fan of ‘hair metaphors,’ I say, ‘Hang on, Cheeky chicks, hang on!’)

The Multi-tiered Pony:

Perhaps one of the easiest, do-it-yourself styles, this pony puts a variation on a regular theme!

(Writer’s note: When all else fails, go for the creative pony – it’s a chic take on a classic tradition!)

We look forward to seeing your spring/summer styles on the “Red Carpet of Chicago!”