Daily Makeover September 26th, 2013

Daily Makeover

September 26, 2013

Fall's Must-Try Hair Color Trends


The leaves won’t be the only ones changing color this season. Fall is the perfect time to switch up your hair color, too. “Fall is a great time to make your color more rich or more vibrant, where during warmer weather, a more sun kissed, somewhat faded look screams ‘beachy’,” says Harry Josh, John Frieda International Creative Consultant and celebrity hair stylist/colorist (he’s worked with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, among others). Here are four subtle hair color changes to try now.

Try It: Natural Highlights

As ombré has transitioned from bold to subtle, highlights will do the same. “Softer, warmer tones and natural highlights, as opposed to solid, cooler toned hair is coming,” says s colorist from Maxine Salon in Chicago. “The trend will be more natural, earthy hair colors.”

They recommend requesting highlights that start all the way up at the root. Subtle highlights, like Selena Gomez’s, add dimension to hair without looking streaky. The only downside to this look is maintenance. To keep roots in check, head to the salon for a touch-up every four weeks.

Try It: Deep Brown

“Brunettes are prone to fading and getting mousy, especially after a summer of exposure to sun and chlorine,” says Josh. “Try refreshing your color and trying a rich, deep brown for fall.” For shine and dimension like Mila Kunis’, request a blend of three or four shades of brown. A one-toned hue can come off very harsh.

Try It: Rose Gold

Red hair is not going anywhere — as we’ve seen celebrities like Carly Rae Jepsen and Coco Rocha recently experimenting with the color. Shores predicts rose gold, a peachy copper red, will be the shade of the season. “Rose gold can be created with all over color and different tones of gold and copper highlighted throughout.” A perfect example is Connie Britton’s hue that has soft tones of gold that soften and frame the face.

Try It: Icy Blonde

“There is something gorgeous about fair skin with icy blonde hair,” says Josh. For a color that isn’t full-on platinum, blend tones of sandy blonde, ivory and off-white. “[However,] make sure you have ‘cool tones’,” he warns. To pull off a color like Gwen Stefani‘s, you should have pale, young-looking skin as well as light colored eyes. Of course, Gwen is an exception to the latter. Sometimes, you don’t know how a color will look until you give it a try.

Will you be updating your hair color this fall?