Glossed and Found June 11, 2013

Glossed and Found

Tuesday June 11, 2013

The temps are rising and those hot summer days (and nights) can sometimes translate to a bad hair day (or two.) The heat! The humidity! The frizz! But guess what? Summer 2103 is going to the year of sexy, stylish hair. We enlisted a top stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, to show us two low maintenance styles that are easy to achieve and still look great. Whether your summer plans involve street fests, patio hopping or just lazy days at the beach, these stylish ‘dos will work for you.

Check out the GIFs below to see the step by step and catch our two G&F models, Caroline and Erica, weigh in on exactly where they’d wear these easy, breezy, beautiful looks.

ONE Part hair from top of one ear over the crown of the head to top of the other ear, secure with clip. Put remaining hair in loose ponytail, to keep sections separated.

TWO Brush top hair into first ponytail—make sure the hair is pulled tight and the pony is near the top of your crown. Take a piece of the hair from the top ponytail, wrap it around the band (covering the band) and secure it with a bobby pin. She says, “Once you get to this point, the rest is easy!”

THREE Remove the lower pony tail and take a section of hair from mid-ear to mid-ear and add it to the original ponytail. Wrap a piece of hair around the band and secure it with a bobby pin. Tip: Tease the hair at each ponytail to add a little volume.

FOUR Add another tier/section by repeating step 3. Tip: For longer hair, add a fourth tier by wrapping a hair band towards the bottom of the ponytail.

ONE Start with a deep side part and add loose waves using a curling iron. Tip: You don’t need clean hair for this style to work. “Any time you wear your hair up, you always want it to be a little dirty,” says the stylist.

TWO Take a small section of hair along the hair line, divide it into two pieces and tie it into a knot. Add a bobby pin to secure the knot.

THREE Like a French braid, add in hair and continue to tie more knots along the hair line. Repeat these steps until you want the knots to end. Tip: Don’t forget to add bobby pins to secure the knots! It’s okay to let them show, according to her.

FOUR You can leave the look alone here and add more curls. Or you can add knots to the other side of your head and then tie the remaining hair into a messy, textured bun.

Afraid to try it yourself? See the pros at Maxine Salon (712 N Rush St, 312- 751-1511, for these styles and so much more.

Love their lips?! So do we!