Pretty Quick June 3, 2013

Chicago’s Hottest Hair Stylists: Hair Tips from the Pros!

By Coco Meers

Adrianne Johnston, Hairstylist
Maxine Salon: 712 N. Rush St. Chicago, Gold Coast.


What is your #1 hair styling tip/trick?


Be Prepared and Think ahead. Most hair in this windy city and many other climates require little touch ups throughout the day or night. We check our make up and re apply our lip gloss constantly. So we should take a few moments with our hair as well. Keep a small brush or comb in your makeup bag. A travel size hairspray too! Sweep over the top and smooth if necessary, clean your part and check for fly-always.

If it is a date night and your purse is smaller than your phone, a few bobby pins will definitely fit. You might want to sweep your hair up, or off your face. A small pompadour or front side braid are quick enough to do in the ladies room! A little head massage, by sticking your palms in your nape facing up and using your fingers to massage your scalp can revitalize life and fullness.