Martha Stewart Living Blog August 20,2013

Martha Stewart Living

Tuesday August 20, 2013

Braid Crazy

By Caitlyn Gallip


From the catwalk to the sidewalk, braids are everywhere this summer. Just scroll through Pinterest for half a minute and you’re sure to see several. This trend has birthed a whole new business at salons around the country: the braid bar. Like the blow dry bars also cropping up across the country, these are yet another way to get a quick, potentially-complicated hair service at a nominal price. We caught up with a few of the best braid bars around the nation to hear what they had to offer and what they think will be hot for fall.

Many existing salons are also adding braiding services to their already-extensive menus. Maxine Salon in Chicago, Illinois offers braid services starting at $40. “Braiding is versatile and works for most every occasion from picnics to weddings,” says Maxine Salon stylist.