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11 YouTubers With The Best Tutorials For Black Hair


These vloggers have amazing DIY videos for natural hair, styling braids and locs, installing wigs and much more.

You can find nearly any kind of tutorial on YouTube, and odds are you have, whether it’s a cooking video, a life hack, a home decor DIY or the booming beauty section of YouTube, where beauty gurus discuss everything from beginner makeup techniques to hair routines and styling tips.

Natural hair is just one talented corner of YouTube. Black hair is incredibly versatile and there are a number of vloggers changing the game when it comes to hair videos. There are natural hair DIYs and styling ideas for braiding, locs and twists, and even videos teaching you how to install, style and DIY wigs. No matter what you’re looking for, YouTube is full of gurus spreading their talents and sharing their knowledge.

Rather than fall into a rabbit hole of tutorials, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and checked in with stylists for their thoughts and recommendations. Now you can finally learn how to braid, upgrade your wash day techniques, DIY your next protective style and just enjoy a bunch of fun and informative videos. Keep reading to see our picks.

The Chic Natural

Before your next trip to the beauty supply store, be sure to take a deep dive into The Chic Natural’s archives for style inspiration. Kim covers hair care, wigs, quick and easy protective styles like crochet box braids and faux locs, and a little bit of style and lifestyle mixed in. “The Chic Natural shows a variety of styling and braiding techniques, without being overcomplicated,” said stylist Leigh Hardges of Maxine Salon. “She explains the steps very clearly. I would recommend her to clients who are looking to be more confident when styling their hair at home.”