Glamour September 9, 2020



Twilight balayage: the hair color trend you can touch up every 10 weeks or more


Twilight or “twilight” hair is a low-maintenance dye that subtly brightens the skin and will be on trend for the remainder of the year. Discover its magic!

We know that following a dye trend in the middle of 2020 is not easy, and much less if it involves going for a retouch every week, since the recommendation of the authorities is to stay at home as long as possible, and more now that the cold season is here! Given this, we find a hair trend that you CAN use, which is SUPER low maintenance and will be very flattering for the rest of the year: the twilight balayage.

Read on so you know how to ask your stylist!

What is twilight balayage and how to order it?

It is the tendency of dye more hot for brunettes who want a subtle makeover, as it consists of dyed babylights gold at strategic points to illuminate the face. These are not marked highlights, rather they should be faded as a balayage on light brown or dark brown hair so that you cannot see where they start or end.

When requesting this effect from your stylist, take photos of the twilight balayage that you like the most and ask that it have a lot of dimension, focusing more areas of light on the contours of the face.

How to take care of the twilight balayage at home?

The wonder of twilight balayage is that its style is timeless and you don't need to spend a lot of time maintaining it. The hair stylist, Karissa Schaudt, told Popsugar growing smoothly, "but a retouch is required every 12 or 16 weeks , " which is perfect so you do not have to go so often to the salon.

The only thing you have to do to keep this dye trend beautiful and last longer is to hydrate your hair with oils, apply nourishing masks every week, avoid exposing yourself to the sun and use a special line of shampoo and conditioner for brown hair ( and blonde in the lighted areas).

Celebrities who will inspire you to wear the twilight balayage

The twilight balayage tint trend is already popular with celebrities and here we show you our favorite looks with it, to convince you to order it ASAP!