Her January 6, 2020



"Twilighting" is about to become your most favourite hair colour trend ever – and you'll see why

And not a vampire in sight.

Apparently, the term 'twilighting' refers to a rather amazing new hair colour technique, and having swooned over plenty of Instagram snaps detailing the trend, we are confident it won't be the last you hear of it.

"Twilighting" is a brunette shade with warm undertones, meaning the colour reflects golden hues," Karissa Schaudt, a colourist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, explained to Popsugar.

If you fancy yourself with some 'twilighting' hair for spring, all you have to do according to Schaudt is ask your hairdresser to paint a few gilded balayage pieces throughout your hair, in addition to some foiled 'babylights' placed around the hairline and a couple inches into the fringe or hairline to keep it looking current, but uniform.

"The balayage is focussed toward the back of the head and concentrated on the mid to ends of the hair to maintain a natural effect."