Yahoo August 13, 2020



7 Drool-Worthy Fall Hair-Color Trends That Look Even Better Than They Sound


If banana bread had a publicist (and what a good publicist she'd be at this current juncture), you can picture her trembling at this fall's upcoming hair-color trends — or at least inviting them out for brunch. Frankly, they sound downright delicious.

From "Champagne pop" to "espresso black," these hues clearly take inspiration from the best things in life around you. They're also designed for easy upkeep: "My current recommendation to any client would be a low-maintenance hair color, which means switching from permanent colors to demi- or semipermanent color, or balayage," Karissa Schaudt, a colorist at Maxine Salon, told POPSUGAR. "These are created to have a seamless grow-out and require minimal upkeep — especially during a pandemic, when touchups aren't as scheduled."

Most importantly, added colorist Rex Jimieson: "This year, we want our color to transition gracefully into fall by staying away from overly cool or artificial colors. They are the hardest to wear as we lose our summer glow in our skin. I would stay away from blue-based dyes especially such as gray or extrastrong ash tones. They are great for editorial moments with the right makeup lighting and editing but are very fade-resistant and harder to wear against natural skin with no makeup."

Need more concrete examples? For the most mouthwatering hair colors that are somehow — some way! — even better than they sound, keep reading. We're breaking down the seven biggest color trends to try in the coming months.

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Spiced Gold

Yes, like your spiced latte — with flecks of color sprinkled on top. "This look is a mix of golden highlights and copper midlights using your natural color as the background or shifting your base subtly copper to really get that gold to pop," Jimieson said. "It's pretty low-maintenance and easy to wear because everyone's natural hair lifts warm."

Schaudt agreed and added that fall is the perfect time to deposit tone into a previously faded copper color. "Mixing multiple colors, like brown and red, will look incredibly natural," she said.

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Champagne Pop

Schaudt likes to call this hue "ballerina blond," in that it's ideal for people with bleached hair who want a sprinkle of color. "This precious pink is perfect," she said. "After the hair is freshly bleached and lifted to a pure white, mix a clear toner with a dash of pink mixer clear to achieve this more translucent tone."

According to Jimieson, adding in blush tones on the lightest blond shades (or used all over) can give an easily "changed back" twist to your signature look. "Again, it's both warm and cool, so it looks good on any skin tone."

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Amethyst Brown

That's right: it's not just faded pink. Purple hues will also be very on trend (and easy to maintain) these next few months. Oh, wait, don't go!

"I'm not talking a full-on, Duran Duran red-violet, but adding a subtle muted violet tone to your medium browns will look rich and chocolaty," Jimieson said. "Once again, the common theme is that violet is made of red and blue, so it looks good on both warm and cool skin tones. We've become more comfortable with complementing our real hair and real skin tones after months of seeing it on the daily during lockdown."

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Chocolate Almond

A slightly tweaked take on the aforementioned copper-highlights trend, this color "falls under the warmer brunette family," Schaudt said. "This look adds golden undertones to brown hair that will create a healthy appearance and reflect tons of new shine."

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Suntanned Blond

Carrie Bradshaw's blond hair circa season one of Sex and the City was everything you'd expect from a money-strapped (but fashionable) writer: cool, unkempt, but sexy at the same time. This fall's version checks all those boxes while also looking just as fabulous during the grow-out stage.

"This trend is for the blondes that don't want to lose their blond," Schaudt said. "[Ask your colorist to] continue highlights around the hairline but add neutral lowlights within the crown area. This creates depth on overlightened summer blondes."

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Black Espresso

Turns out, shiny black is the new black. "It's smart to transition into this dramatic color during the cooler months, to prevent fading due to sun exposure," Schaudt said. Both she and Jimieson recommend doing a demipermanent dye in case you're feeling noncommittal.

"It's also softer and easier to wear if you add the black to your medium or dark brown base color with foils or balayage rather than going completely solid," Jimieson said. "Ask for a demipermanent so you can change it down the road and it will be super shiny."

Fall 2020 Hair-Color Trend: Evergreen

For the überbold, this one's for you: "If your style is ultraedgy, a forest-green hair color is where it's at," Jimieson said. "Green is a mix of blue and yellow, so it looks good on warm and cool skin tones."