Real Simple March 10, 2020


8 Fresh Spring Haircuts to Try This Season

Forget spring cleaning, spring snipping is where it’s at.

What is it about spring that suddenly makes you want to refresh everything? If you’re anything like us, the longer days and (slightly) warmer temps inspire not only a garage clean-out and wardrobe overhaul, but a new haircut as well. Happily, this season there are plenty of fresh new hairstyles for 2020 to choose from. “Spring haircuts are all about soft texture and layers with lots of natural movement,” says New York-based stylist Reece Walker. (But don’t worry, there’s still an option for any length and texture.) If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these eight spring haircuts before you hit the salon—or clean your garage.


Angled Glam

Hairstyles with minimal layers and a length near or above the shoulders are big this season, says stylist Amy Abramite, the creative director at Chicago’s Maxine Salon. This spring haircut is no exception, though it has the unique feature of being cut slightly longer in the front than in the back, creating a slimming effect, she says. “It’s best for those with fine hair who want to keep their length, but still have ends that look dense and full,” she adds. Style it sleek, or use a large curling iron to create the super subtle wave seen here.


The Orb

If you’re ready for a cropped cut, Abramite recommends this bold hairstyle for 2020. “Shorter lengths are hidden under longer lengths that fall over the top, creating a peek-a-boo effect when the hair is tucked behind the ear,” she says. It’s also surprisingly versatile: you can wear the front fringe with a middle part, swept to the side, or straight down the forehead. Ideal for thicker hair textures, this haircut also has the added benefit of elongating your neck and calling lots of attention to your face.


Big and Curly

If you have curly or textured hair, rejoice; the trend of embracing natural texture isn’t going anywhere. And whereas shorter shags have been all the rage, going longer with your curls is now popular, too. The key: “Make sure you’re seeing a stylist who regularly cuts curly hair,” advises Walker. It’s a whole different ball game than cutting straight hair, and this way he or she will be able to help you figure out exactly which length is best for you and whether you need layers or not.

Products also play an important role. Walker suggests using a moisturizing curl cream from mid-lengths to ends on damp hair, and finishing off with an anti-humidity spray to ward off frizz once hair is dry.


Frayed Fringe

If you want to be different and daring—but without changing up your existing hairstyle entirely—this micro-fringe is the way to go. “Ask for bangs that are shorter in the center and longer toward the ends. You really want it to stand out, and not blend in with the rest of the hair,” says Abramite. Go for this if you’re really digging your brows or eyes; the bold bang will call attention to these features for sure. Just keep in mind that it’s best reserved for those whose hair is fairly straight to begin with.


The Natural

This haircut works best on naturally curly-haired women who want maximum volume and a high-end style, but with minimal maintenance, says Abramite, who says this look has a curvy-yet-linear silhouette. “The layers on top are short so they spring up in a weightless fashion, while adding fringe brings focus to the eyes," she says. "The bottom hits the shoulders to create softness while still keeping the shape round." Ask your stylist for rounded layers and bangs that hit below the brows. Also important: Mist in a leave-in conditioner, then let your hair air dry. Unlike with straight hair, avoiding the blow-dryer here will actually help ensure you get the best curl pattern without frizz, Abramite tells us.


Chopped Bob

It’s time for the lob to move over: “Chin length is the hot new bob length,” Abramite says. The beauty of this cut? “It’s a one-size-fits-all haircut that looks stylish on everyone, and will make hair look thicker and fuller because of the bluntness,” she adds. Keep most of the cut at that one-length, and ask for just a few soft layers around the face, says Walker. It’s also ideal for anyone who is low maintenance and doesn’t want to blow-dry every day. A lived-in, roughed-up texture works great here, and is easily achieved simply by air-drying the hair.


The Wisp

Smooth, one-length, straighter hairstyles are trending for Spring 2020, and these face-framing layers are an easy way to add some movement and interest to these types of looks, notes Abramite. These pieces should hit around the chin, blending into the rest of the hair, but the rest of the style should be layer-free. Flat-ironing to ensure the end result is ultra-smooth and sleek will help highlight these wispy pieces.