Glamour January 2, 2020



10 Beauty Trends That’ll Be Everywhere in 2020


Micro Frenches, space tattoos, twilighting—here are the trends to get on your radar now. 

Congratulations! We finally made it to 2020. A toast of Champers all around. If all the end-of-decade recaps have proved anything, so much has happened for us to get here. I mean, our hair alone has had quite the questionable journey: side bangs, the pouf, hair doughnuts, the 100-layers challenge (no? just me?). And that doesn't even cover contouring, our unicorn-everything phase, and all the crazy stuff that happened to our eyebrows in 2017.

But the last decade also brought real progress in the way our culture views beauty. Makeup became inclusive. Advertising more accurately reflected the women we see in the mirror. The runway stopped pushing one-size-fits-all trends and embraced models' individuality. We saw curls in all their glory. Skin that wasn't airbrushed. Hello, we got Fenty Beauty. And if a brand tried to uphold an outdated status quo, well, we let them hear our thoughts about it on social media.

Let's take that energy into the new decade and kick things off right. Consider this list of 2020 beauty trends a place to start. We looked to experts and trend reports to get a lowdown on the beauty trends that are predicted to be a hit this year. Will you regret them in 10 years? Who's to say? At least you'll have the memories.

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It sounds like something Edward Cullen would do before leaving the house, but—brace yourself—it's actually the latest hair-coloring technique. According to colorist Karissa Schaudt at Maxine Salon in Chicago, twilighting is for brunettes with warm undertones who still want some golden dimension. “The look is achieved by painting a few balayage pieces in addition to foiled babylights," she says. "You’ll be seeing a lot of this look in 2020 because it’s a low-maintenance color that will carry from season to season."