Elle August 25, 2020



The hair color of Fall 2020 is called Chocolate Almond, and it is as irresistible as its name


Take the warm and intense shades of dark chocolate and pour over them some almond milk, sweet and velvety. The result is the shades of the definitive hair color of Autumn 2020 , which overseas have already dubbed " Chocolate Almond ". Perfect for natural blackberries, it provides a dark base illuminated by golden beige reflections, and is already popular on social media.

"Chocolate Almond is a high-impact but easy-care color, which even in these uncertain times allows for minimal hairdressing appointments," colorist Karissa Schaudt explained to . "By mixing different reflections, it is able to illuminate the complexion with an absolutely natural result". Nothing better for those who want to give a twist to their brown hair or refresh the look of old balayages, perhaps in combination with one of the new trendy haircuts for Autumn Winter 2020 . We, in doubt, have already made an appointment with the hairdresser ...Popsugar.co.uk