Popsugar.com August 19, 2020



"Amethyst Brown" Is the Prettiest Hair Color You Can DIY at Home


A month from now, many of us will be swapping out rompers for cozy knit sweaters and subsequently thinking about the darker, moodier hair colors we'll be looking to try. Among the handful of pretty fall hair colors worth considering, one that's really sticking out is "amethyst brown" — the hybrid of purple and brown.

"Violet is made of red and blue, so it looks good on both warm and cool skin tones."

Like any other shade, you can choose how saturated you want the pigment to be depending on what you're looking for. The key is to keep it simple. "I'm not talking a full-on, Duran Duran red-violet, but adding a subtle muted violet tone to your medium brown [base] will look rich and chocolaty," Rex Jimieson, colorist and hair color educator at Maxine Salon, previously told POPSUGAR. "Violet is made of red and blue, so it looks good on both warm and cool skin tones. We've become more comfortable with complementing our real hair and real skin tones after months of seeing it on the daily during lockdown."

What's even better is that if you still don't feel safe seeing a colorist at a salon quite yet, you can DIY the hue on your own. Just look for an at-home kit with semipermanent color (we've rounded up a few great ones here) and get to work. For inspiration, check out a few of our favorite takes on the "amethyst brown" hair color ahead.