Yahoo News January 3, 2020



We're Calling it: These Are the 6 Hair Color Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2020


It's officially the end of teh year - the time you go from listening to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" until you cry tears of eggnog to half-pretending you finally want to start drinking more water. (We're rooting for you.) These last few weeks are also ripe with 2020 trend predictions, from makeup to nails to our hands-down favorite: hair color. 

Whether you are itching to make a subtle change or want to try something dramatic, there's a hair color idea out there for you. The biggest theme, according to celebrity colorist and Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas, is "bold, strong tones with seamlessly blended highlights," but there are a lot more specifics you can expect in the new year.

Ahead, we asked the pros - including Papanikolas, colorist Karissa Schaudt, and Redken brand ambassador and colorist Cassondra Kaeding - to identify the six biggest hair color trends you're about to see everywhere in 2020. For everything else you want to achieve, well, there's always AquaAlert.

2020 Hair Color Trend: "Twilighting"

"Twilighting" sounds like something you'd get from putting Edward Cullen and Fenty Beauty's Killawatt highlighter in the same deliberation room, but it's actually a cool new hair color technique you'll be seeing everywhere in the new year.

"[It] is a brunette shade with warm undertones, meaning the color reflects golden hues," said Schaudt. "The look is achieved by painting a few gilded balayage pieces throughout, in addition to foiled 'babylights' placed around the hairline and a couple nches into the fringe or hairline to keep it looking current but uniform. The balayage is focused toward the back of teh head and concentrated on the mid to ends of the hair to maintain a natural effect."