Glamour January 8, 2020



The Biggest Hair Color Trends for 2020


Booking a color appointment? We've got ideas for you.

"New year, new me" might be tired, but you know what isn't? A hair change. It's easy, it's fun, and there's no shortage of cool hair-color trends to try right now. While 2019's biggest trends sounded like something off a drink menu—cold brew hair, root beer brown—the styles for 2020 seem like they're shaping up to be easy, effortless twists on natural shades.

Natural doesn't mean boring, though, and stylists are working overtime to come up with new techniques to keep things interesting. And, yeah, the names for them are still slightly thirsty. Why ask for golden highlights when you can order up "caramel mocha"? We talked to top stylists to get the intel on the best hair colors to try right now, from twilighting to a riff on classic platinum. Here's what to screenshot for your next appointment.

Tweed Hair

According to Chicago colorist Rex Jimieson, his clients have been moving away from the darker roots and lighter ends they've been loving in recent seasons. Instead they've been asking for a look that Jimieson dubbed "tweed hair," essentially subtle highlights that are evenly distributed. "A contrast is still present, but not as ‘overachiever’ as seen in recent seasons," he says. One of our favorite versions of the look? This rich brown with golden balayage pieces from Simplicity Salon in south Florida. 


It sounds like something Edward Cullen would do before leaving the house, but—brace yourself—it's actually the latest hair-coloring technique. According to colorist Karissa Schaudt at Maxine Salon in Chicago, twilighting is for brunettes with warm undertones who still want some golden dimension. “The look is achieved by painting a few balayage pieces in addition to foiled babylights," she says. "You’ll be seeing a lot of this look in 2020 because it’s a low-maintenance color that will carry from season to season."