Glamour June 24, 2020



The Best Summer Hair Colors to Try Now


Glowy apricot, anyone?

As salons start to reopen, the search for the best summer hair colors is on. But before you go straight to the bleach, consider the fact that most salons are operating at 50% capacity, so it might be even more difficult to schedule your monthly touch-up than usual. Because of this, paired with the risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections, Stephanie Brown, master colorist at IGK Soho, predicts that natural, low-maintenance shades will be having a moment this summer. “I think it’s going to be all about the grow-out,” she says. “Whether someone goes natural or a little extreme, people are going to want their hair color to be able to grow out easily without having to touch up their roots as often. I think there are going to be a lot more conversations between colorists and clients about what will look best and what will grow out best on each individual person.”

On the other hand, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan predicts it’s going to be pure fun and fantasy when it comes to post-quarantine color. Whether it’s bright colors or early-2000s streaks, she thinks people will seize the day and make a major change—especially given the fact that none of us could for the past few months. 

We rounded up the coolest summer hair colors to try, from the bold Technicolor to the low-key natural and everything in between. We even threw in a few DIY options, in case you’re still committed to social distancing (just be sure to read our guide on how to color your hair at home first). Read on for 31 hair colors to try this summer, and get ready to book an appointment. (Aren’t  you so glad we can say that again?)

24. Orchard Red 

Red is gaining in popularity, thanks in part to Zendaya’s killer shade. Want to try the trend but not sure where to start? “Orchard red contains both copper and auburn tones, which can richen your entire appearance,” says Karissa Schaudt at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “If your hair is natural, you can achieve this within a single process. If there’s previous color, you’ll need a base color and balayage to achieve this multi-reflective look.” As with all red shades, just be prepared for a lot of upkeep, since it’ll fade quickly.

26. Tweed Hair 

According to Chicago colorist Rex Jimieson, his clients have been moving away from the darker roots and lighter ends they’ve been loving in recent seasons. Instead they’ve been asking for a look that Jimieson dubbed tweed hair, essentially subtle highlights that are evenly distributed. “A contrast is still present, but not as ‘overachiever’ as seen in recent seasons,” he says. One of our favorite versions of the look? This rich brown with golden balayage pieces from Simplicity Salon in South Florida.