Marie Claire March 17, 2020

Marie Claire

18 Hair Color Trends for Spring You're About to See Everywhere

Celeb stylists share the shades you're going to see all spring.


At this point, there’s only one thing getting us through the bitter nightmare that is winter: the fact that there’s a fresh crop of spring hair colors waiting for us on the other side. Come March 19—winter’s ~official~ funeral—we’re taking our sad, blah hair to warmer, prettier heights. You know what they say about a hair color change. You're about to change your life! Own it and walk into a new season turning heads with a fresh-new hair color.

Just how warm and just how pretty should you go? See for yourself, ahead. Whether you're into classic colors with a twist or vivid hues, there's something for you. We’ve tapped celeb colorists and stylists to share 18 hair colors that are going to blow up your Instagram feed this spring. Scope out your favorites, hit up your colorist, and thank us later.


Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon based in Chicago, is naming this work of art "Hickory" because the color variation mimics the prominent grain patterns within a dense piece of hickory wood. "This works perfect for any client with short to long hair wanting to transition out of their darkened winter look into a brighter spring look," Schaudt suggests, adding that you achieve this multidimensional blend of shades by symmetrically adding vertical lines of low-lights, mid-lights, and highlights throughout the head. "This is a high contrast color, and can be very versatile depending on how it’s styled, from straight to textured."

Coconut Blonde

"This is the palest shade of blonde while still reflecting golden undertones," Schaudt explains. If you're this close to going full-on platinum, but you're just not there yet, this sunny shade is the ideal next step for you. "It’s a perfect trade-off from full platinum. Ask your stylist to embrace the blond's natural warmth to create this color."

Copper Carrot

Carrot hair, but make it cool. "This multi-reflective color is full of copper pigments," Schaudt says, emphasizing that any texture or length of hair can benefit from this bold look. "It’s a realistic change for brunettes wanting to go drastically lighter, or blondes desiring a more pigmented look." It's a single process shade that'll instantly brighten and bring a noticeable shine to your hair.