Behind the Chair May 13, 2011

Maxine Salon creative director Amy Abramite featured in Behind the Chair May 13, 2011Behind the Chair

Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer-Lovin' Style: A Cut and Color Round-Up

by Angie Manson

As the temps climb and the seasons change, clients’ number-one priority will be to change out of winter and into summer. Short shapes still rule the roost in Hollywood—think Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Ginnifer Goodwin—and since celebrity style is constantly influencing hair trends, short is sure to stay sexy for summer. Find out what other styles and colors our hair honchos have I.D.’d as the hottest looks for the season.

Amy Abramite, Creatvie and Educational Director, Maxine Salon, Chicago
“I cannot even describe how in love I am with Britt Maren and Emma Watson's short haircuts. I'm so obsessed that I cut my hair into BOTH styles this season, and they’re both looks that your clients will love too! Start with the "Emma," and then grow it out into the "Brit." When the "Brit" gets too long, recycle the looks again. Nothing is more striking than the girl with the short haircut in the room. Everybody stops to take a look, and realizes they can't stop stealing glances. Eventually they may even find themselves staring! It's the new Twiggy, Mia, Winona, or Edie. Iconic! My favorite color for summer is an all-over platinum blonde with pink undertones for short hair. For long hair, ombré color is most popular. Mostly we're seeing very cool-toned dark brown hair with warm blonde to burnt orange highlights starting at cheekbones.”