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Friday, October 7, 2011

chicago Hair-dos


Fall is all about the fashion, but nothing will ruin that new getup quicker than dull, sun-damaged hair whose roots are darker than your seasonal nail polish shade.


A Maxine Salon’s colorist is guiding Chicagoans’ grooming habits this fall with his Base Depth Shadowing technique that adds (as the name suggests) depth and a lot of warmth to your locks starting at the root and blending to the tips. He says that the treatment is perfect “for people who are overly highlighted from the summer,” and while women fear warm-tones he boldly goes where other colorists haven’t claiming “I’m going to go out on a limb and say ash is out.”

Another perk to the technique? It’s easier to grow-out, lasting 4-5 months and can be can be achieved with multiple shades of color from reds and auburns to caramels and butterscotch and toffee for the lighter haired ladies. Warm up your locks and make sure your hair isn’t keeping you out in the cold this season.
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