Refinery29 July 26th, 2011


Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Bridal Hair Myth-Busting: Maxine Salon Sets The Record Straight

By Shani Silver

You've always dreamed about sitting in that chair on your wedding day, glam squad in tow, but now it's really time to figure out what you want them to do to you. Wedding planning comes with a checklist of musts and non-negotiables, and before you know it, you're not having any fun. Feeling pressured by tradition will suck the fun out of your big day, quick. Remember, it's your day and you can do what you wanna, but if you're still stumped on a wedding-appropriate 'do, Rivkah Lyles and Adrianna Johnston of Maxine Salon are more than happy to set the record straight when it comes to bridal hair. Read up, then book your appointment asap!

Myth #1: You MUST wear an updo for your wedding.
"If you wear your hair down 99% of the time, chances are there's a reason. You're more comfortable that way; it suits your facial structure. No one wants to be unrecognizable on their wedding day,and as far as I know, there's no rule when it comes to whether your hair should be up or down. That being said, just because you're wearing your hair down doesn't mean you have to have the same style you wore to work on Tuesday. You have options! You can add length with extensions; add texture with hot tools, or a little flair with some kind of hair adornment. Another option that should not be disregarded is the half-updo (despite what all of you are picturing). We make this style work by adding some texture. I like to keep things looking modern and sexy.” We like Adrianna's style.

Myth #2: You need to start growing your long layers NOW (and he hasn't even proposed yet).
“Actually, it's a lot harder to create volume with one-length, super-long hair. Having some layering in your hair can really give you a nice look for an updo. Most importantly, you don't want to sacrifice your ends while you're Rapunzel-ing it up. We'll take healthy and voluminous over overgrown and splitting any day of the week—but especially on your wedding day." We feel better, thank you Rivkah.

Myth #3: If you want to look glam, your hair can't be down.
“Down-styles can be just as formal and beautiful! I love when brides wear their hair down, pulled back slightly on one side and secured with a vintage pin, or flower, or a pin/flower combo. The look can be both demure and glamorous, framing your face to one side and showing off a sparkling earring on the other. The key to pulling off this look is keeping some volume to the hair (and keeping everything super-touchable!)." Will you take Adrianna's advice?