Cheeky Chicago April 22, 2011

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Friday, April 22nd, 2011


A Hairstyle Confessional

by jessica zweig


I have a confession to make.


I cheated on my hair stylist.

As any young, cosmopolitan woman out there who knows the importance of a good hairdresser, this may at first seem like a grave offense.

But, what if this newfound stylist (and the salon in which they inhabit) far surpasses your wildest “dream-hair” dreams? What if this newfound connection with new said stylist can rival the one you took years to establish with your previous one? And most importantly, what if you walked out of this new, uncharted territory looking the best you’ve ever looked with the most gorgeous head of hair you’ve ever had?

Did we mention that there’s Champagne involved, too?

This was my experience at Maxine, a posh and sleek tri-level salon that resembles the NYC breed, smack dab in the heart of the Gold Coast. Expect state-of-the-art products (they are the only Kerastase Treatment Institute in Chicago), skilled veterans who do not cross over areas of expertise (colorists only color, stylists only style), along with cutting edge techniques and trends, plus the nicest salon owner you’ll ever meet to boot.

Not only did I get to try one new stylist, I checked out a new colorist, too. (Call me promiscuous.)

I began my service with one of Maxine’s warm and fabulous head colorists of over ten years, who took my blah-blond (brassy and dull do not a spring look make) and lifted my entire complexion with cool, shiny blond Bayalage highlights. For those who don’t know of Bayalage, it is time to get to know: Balayage creates a dimensional color, not obvious lightening like traditional highlights. In fact, traditional highlights are a thing of the past. The Bayalage treatment is painted with a brush and provides stronger highlights at the ends, which make the hair look sun-kissed overall. Balayage also makes the hair look healthy and extra shiny, due to the long lasting and high-end glosses that are used.

After a relaxed heart-to-heart with my new BFF and a mini-bottle of Rose Champagne in hand, it was onto one of Maxine’s sexy and uber-talented stylists. I think it’s safe to say that many Cheeky ladies out there would have some sort of self-conscious complex with such an attractive heterosexual male styling their hair: myself included. But his chill demeanor, genuine charm and, most importantly, the Victoria Secret-eqsue blowout I walked out with, well, he just scored himself a new…client.

Maxine is certifiably one of our new favorite beauty locales in Chicago, guaranteeing a memorable experience and most importantly, results that will shift not only your look, but perhaps your perspective as well. So head on over and tell them Cheeky sent you…

Don’t worry: your secret will be safe with us.

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