Racked July 12, 2011

Maxine Salon Chic Braiding Expert: Marie NicasioRacked Chicago

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Maxine Salon's New Boho Chic Braiding Expert: Marie Nicasio

by Jared Hatch

"There’s just something about sun-streaked, beach-y hair with a little braiding. It’s effortless, boho glamour” says Maxine Salon's new braiding expert Marie Nicasio. "For the archetype of this look, we suggest Jennifer Aniston. This look is woven near the hairline to frame the face while the rest of the hair is loose and wavy."

Summer braiding is a creative way to get hair off the neck and shoulders in hot weather.
“And it looks good all day and into the night,” adds Nicasio. The Trio Braid (pictured) is her own invention. It’s a French braid that turns into a fishtail, and is inside-out at the base. It curves to be slightly off-center.