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Maxine Salon's Jaime Lewis Featured in PopSugar's Best Bikini Waxes in ChicagoPOPSUGAR

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Best Bikini Waxes Chicago Pop 5: Where to Brave a Bikini Wax

By Rebecca Taras

Welcome back to the Pop 5, featuring Chicago's best places to do anything and everything. Last week, we told you about the best beer gardens, and you may need a brew before tackling our next subject: bikini waxes. Certainly not the most relaxing spa service, but definitely one of the most necessary — especially this time of year. So who makes this somewhat awkward — and undeniably a bit painful — service a clean sweep? Read on to find out.

Any waxing veteran knows that along with technique (obvi), it's the type of wax and the pre- and post-prep that ensures a smooth sailing waxing service. Jaime at Maxine (712 N. Rush St., 312-751-1511, pictured left) in the Gold Coast has been waxing for more than 16 years and she's over the moon for the Lycojet lavender wax the salon recently started using. The wax is a low-temp stripless formula infused with chamomile and lavender to soothe. A previous esthetician myself, I did a little research: according to the wax website, Lycojet is considered a "painless wax" thanks to that fab pre-wax oil that acts as a barrier between the skin and the wax.