Refinery29 May 21, 2011

Maxine Salon's Creative Director Amy Abramite featured in Refinery29 May 21, 2011Refinery29

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The 6 Easiest Summer Haircare Tips

By Betsey McLain

Summer hair should literally be like a day at the beach: Relaxed, pretty, a little bit messy, and fun. But foolproof hair can be hard to come by, especially when humidity-induced frizz, sun-parched locks, and overly oily tresses get thrown into the mix. To help put the brakes on bad summer hair days, we decided to go in hot pursuit of the best—and easiest—summer haircare tips to keep our tresses in top form. From super-sizing the shine factor to banishing humidity doused locks, our cheat-sheet—courtesy of our top go-to beauty gurus—is all you'll need to keep those locks looking lush and gorgeous right through to Labor Day...and hopefully beyond.

"If you want to cut down on frizz, the hair has to be 100% dry to fight the humidity," says Amy Abramite, Creative Director at Maxine Salon. "Humidity creates curl and volume in naturally curly or wavy hair textures and walking out into a humid environment with slightly wet hair is going to add to the problem. I also recommend using a flat iron to smooth the cuticle down even further for a double whammy on fighting frizz. You can also add dry shampoo or a little baby powder to the scalp to help absorb perspiration or humidity before it causes the hair to frizz. To apply baby powder, shake a little into the hands, rub together, and then massage into scalp."