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911: Pricing ombré

How do you price your ombré color services? Do you offer service tiers? Charge a flat rate?

BTC EXPERT: Maxine Kroll owner of Maxine Salon, Chicago, Illinois

"Our ombré business went from zero to 60 - it flew and continues to hit new heights all the time. At my salon this is our system for pricing ombré:  cost of time + cost of product + cost of education/expertise. Partial balayage and ombré start at $150, full balayage and ombré start at $180. With a base color, we add an additional charge beginning at $75.

When pricing ombré at your salon, first get a handle on how much your average color service generates per hour. Consider the costs involved in these new services. Take the time to practice to perfection before launching - our clients deserve the best, not just the latest. Add ombré to your service menu, then launch with total team awareness from the front desk through to the assistants and, of course, the colorists."