Chi Gal Lauren, June 10, 2012

Braid Night Out

June 10, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! It is HOT here in Chicago so we’re heading to the dog beach today to enjoy the ice cold water of Lake Michigan with Ruby. This weekend has gone by way too fast, how is is already Sunday?!

Anyways…this past week I went to a super fun event and wanted to share with everyone! Birchbox and Kerastase held a braid event this past Wednesday at Maxine Salon in Chicago. If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, I’ve blogged about them here and here and am basically totally in love with the company, so I highly recommend you check them out! My cousin and I headed over to the salon around 6pm and were greeted by the fabulous Birchbox, Kerastase, and Maxine staff-including Maxine herself! The salon is gorgeous and I definitely would’ve poked around a little more, but we were taken upstairs where our stylists (and champagne and cupcakes) were waiting for us!

It was an absolutely perfect night for the event-sunny, clear skies, cool breeze-it doesn’t get much better in Chicago! After selecting our braid from the braid menu (I opted for the crown-style french braid) we were paired up with a stylist and they went to work! Cliff created my braid and it was nothing short of fabulous! He was great and I’m actually going back to see him to have my hair styled before our engagement photos-another perk of the evening is that we received 25% off coupons for a return trip to the salon.

Cliff did such a great job on the braid that it stayed in overnight so I got to show off its beauty at work the next day! While the braids and the salon were totally great, the best part about the night was the amazing girls I got to meet! There were loads of Chicago bloggers at the event and this was a first for me so I was pretty excited. I also got to meet some fab ladies from Birchbox and Kerastase, and of course Cliff, my master stylist :) We all hung around and chatted until the event was over and after picking up our Birchbox filled with Kerastase products, a few of us headed over to Zella for drinks afterward.

Meeting others that love blogging and are really great at it AND live in the same city as you is so inspiring and it makes me want to get my butt into gear and blog more often than I do! You can check these ladies out on their blogs….and fair warning-you will be glued to your computer for hours! Laurie at Product Girl, Lauren at The Girls of Lincoln Park, Jessica at Bows & Sequins, and Hallie at Corals and Cognacs. I’m hoping I can find more events like this one because my cousin and I both had a great time! Thanks to all for a fabulous Wednesday night!