Bridal May 31st, 2012


Thursday May 31st  2012

Wedding Hair is not all about the Updo Anymore


The perfect bridal look is no longer a Cinderella dress with a shiny tiara and neat bun (although it certainly can be!). These days, women are choosing from lots of acceptable options. Gowns may be slinky or short. They could be white...or pink...or red! You may want to top your head with a band of bluebird feathers. And hair can-finally- be worn down.
"Down styles can be just as formal and beautiful as updos," says Adrianne Johnston, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.
"If you wear your hair down 99 percent of the time, there's a reason. Perhaps it suits your face or you're just more comfortable that way," says Johnston, who's very passionate about sepcial-occasion styling.
"Why change yourself on the most special day of your life? No one wants to be unrecognizable on her wedding day."
Here, the pro shares her secrets to wearing bridal "down-dos" and offers step-by-step tips on how to achieve these gorgeous looks.

Be glamourous.

Just because you're wearing your hair down doesn't mean you have to have the same style you wore to work on Tuesday. "You have options," says Johnston. "Add length with extensions, texture with tools or flair with a hair adornment."

Be clever.

"Hairstyles can help us play down our not-so-favorite features," says Johnston. "Try a part that flatters your face shape. Consider a soft swoop in front to cover your hairline and showcase your beautiful eyes. A low-slung style can gently cover the top of your ears, which you always try to hide."

Be current.

"I love when brides wear their hair down, pulled back sligthly on one side and secured with a vintage pin or flower," says Johnston. "The look can be both demure and glamorous."