Refinery29 October 30, 2012

Chicago Beauty Black Book: Your Guide To Getting Gorgeous

By Rebecca Taras & Seija Rankin

Sometimes, there's no greater hit to a gal's self-esteem than a bad haircut. Or, a botched dye job. Or, a brow shaping gone horribly wrong. For this reason, we're firm believers that a primping ritual should make you feel more stunning—not traumatized—than when you walked into the joint. To help you avoid beauty disasters, we took matters into our own well-manicured hands. We've created the ultimate guide to getting gorgeous in the Windy City.

Our exhaustively researched list includes everything, from masters of manes to the facials that will make problem skin be on its best behavior. While you can't stuff this read in your back pocket, we strongly suggest you bookmark it, stat. Lest your hat is not enough to disguise your next potential beauty blunder.

Best Salon For Girls With Curls: Qiana Redmond at Maxine

Stylist Qiana Redmond’s clients love her roller sets, straw sets, and twist sets — but make no mistake — this 12-year veteran is a big fan of healthy hair with lots of natural curl, too. She’s known for being able to transform frizzy locks into bouncy tendrils. But what really keeps her clients coming back for more? A look they can recreate at home. Bingo.
Maxine, 712 North Rush Street (between Superior and Huron Street); 312-751-1511.