Racked Chicago, June 13, 2012

Weddings Week


The French Braid Goes Haute for Bridal Season

Since this is weddings week, we can't forget about the SECOND most important thing at a wedding after the dress: the hair. The bride's hair can make or break the dress if it looks like a hot mess. Enter Maxine Salon: one of Chicago's best salons for the hair oppressed or hair obsessed. (also a Member of the Beauty 38) And now they've even gone above and beyond to not only do up-do's, but to add the Braid Menu to their offerings. As we know, braids are increasing in popularity with celebs, and now the intricate plait can be atop (or down, or sideswept) your head too. You'll soon see that braids are not only for the Pitchfork-going, boho-chic wearing wannabe hippie. "The French braid is a staple and customers also like a soft-swept “herringbone” braid to the side, or a flirty milkmaid French braid around the crown of the head. Another popular style is a nice chord braid (rope braid) along the hairline or incorporated into a simple up-do," says stylist, Cliff Freeman.